Little Green Man Round 6 and 7

August 30, 2015

CKRC Rowrah 30th and 31stĀ August

Rounds 6 and 7 of LGM were held over the August Bank Holiday weekend at CKRC, Rowrah. In Round 6 on Sunday Dexter finished 19th in the 1st heat after coming off the track, 1st in the 2nd heat and 8th in his 3rd heat. This placed him on P9 for the Final. The front pair of Edgar and Hanafin pushed away at the start of the race and Dexter worked with his AIM teammates to try and catch the leading two. Hanafin dropped away from Edgar towards the end of the race, however with little time left Dexter was unable to catch him and finished the race in 3rd position.

In Round 7 Dexter finished 10th, 1st and 4th in his heats placing in on P3 for the final behind Edgar on Pole and Thompson on P2. Edgar took the lead straight away and Dexter was on his own in 2nd place. Thompson and Bunce pushed to catch him and Dexter fell to 4th before recovering to a 3rd place finish.

Dexter now lies 3rd in the Championship (after dropped scores) behind Edgar and Thompson.

Dexter Patterson