Super One Mini Max British Championship Round 1

March 20, 2016

Rowrah 19th/20th March 2016

Round 1 of the 2016 Super 1 Championship kicked off at Rowrah on the weekend off 19/20th March. Saturday started well with Dexter taking fastest lap in time qualifying, placing him on P1 for the 2 heats of the day. In Heat 1 Dexter fell back to 4th position early on, moving back to 3rd towards the end of the race. In Heat 2 Dexter lost the lead on the first lap and fell back to 3rd. While the front 2 drivers pulled away, Dexter struggled with pace and fought to finish the race in 3rd.

The following day Dexter started Final 1 on P2, however contact from another driver in the first lap took him off the track and he returned  to the race in last position. Dexter pushed hard to work his way back through the pack, eventually reaching 8th position. This was the best he could achieve with the gap to the next driver too big to close down. Dexter was moved up to 7th in the results which is where he started Final 2. Gradually Dexter worked his way through the pack to 4th position but was unable to reach the front drivers who had pushed away at the start. The mid pack battled for position and Dexter crossed the finish line in 5th position.

Dexter is placed 3rd in the Championship Table.