Super One Mini Max British Championship Round 2

April 24, 2016

Round 2 of the 2016 Super 1 Championship was held at Rissington Kart Club on the weekend of 23rd/24th April. A disappointing 7th in time qualification meant this is where he would be starting both heats. In heat 1 Dexter moved up the grid and battled for position eventually finishing the race in 3rd. He was then promoted to 2nd following a post- race penalty. In heat 2 the front drivers broke away early on in the race. Dexter worked hard to close the gap but, as the clock ran down, he was unable to reach any higher than 6th. Dexter started on P4 for Final 1 on Sunday. The front driver got away while the karts behind battled for position. Dexter managed to hold on to 2nd in a very tight last bend struggle. Dexter started P2 for Heat 2 and although he initially fell back to 5th, an incident in front allowed him back to that position after the 2nd lap. Running in 3rd for much of the race, he worked with the driver in front to catch the leader. Dexter moved into 2nd place on the penultimate lap and held on to that position to the chequered flag.

Dexter finished 2nd in the Round 2 Points Table and remains 3rd in the Championship Table.Dexter Patterson