Wilson Leads the Way

May 1, 2014
This article was originally published in Vroom UK magazine, May 2014

Little Green Man Series, Round 1, PF International

Teddy Wilson leads the way after the first round of the 2014 LGM series at P.F. international.

Nearly 70 drivers competed, with over 8 drivers taking the flag within just over a second. The race was epic and one of the finest cadet duels in recent times. The grandstand was bursting with spectators, a 15 lap race with ever changing leaders, no one could have predicted who would win.

Following two practice sessions, Jonny Edgar was the first one to top the standings in the first heat, and with a 2nd and a 4th to his credit he would set out to start the A Final from row 1 next to pole sitter Dexter Patterson, strong of two wins and a 2nd place.

Tom Wood was proved also very consistent in the heats closing twice in 2nd and once in 7th place, joined on row 2 by Joe Turney (twice 3rd and 10th). Worse luck for one of the Championship favourites, Kiern Jewiss who was forced to start the A Final from grid 15 despite grabbing two good wins. A contact in the second lap of his last heat dropped him at the back of the field with his rear bumper also missing, from which he would never recover. In the Final he got to the lead with 3 laps to go after a mighty comeback from his grid 15 slot, passing one by one Wood, Thompson, Turney and Edgar who had their turn in the lead, but then he dropped out, his dreams dashed at the opening round with a rare engine seizure.

It was Teddy Wilson’s day, very consistent in the heats with 5th, 9th and 3rd place finishes for a row 3 starting place, just crossing the line ahead of Wood and pole sitter Dexter Patterson who fell away at the start, but being ‘on form’ came back to a strong 3rd place. Top privateer Clayton Ravenscroft came in 24th overall with Toby Stephenson 29th.

The next round is in only 2 weeks time, the teams and drivers will be making their way to the Scottish circuit of Larkhall. Could Patterson be the next victor being at his home track?


  1. Wilson (Synergy) 100;
  2. Wood (Zip) 95;
  3. Patterson (Zip) 94;
  4. Robertson (Synergy) 92;
  5. Thompson (Zip) 89;
  6. Turney (Zip) 88;
  7. Edgar (Synergy) 87;
  8. Mcdade (Zip) 86;
  9. Carter (Zip) 85;
  10. Byatt (Synergy) 84;
  11. Hawkey (Birel) 83;
  12. Price (Zip) 82;
  13. Rattican (Zip) 81;
  14. Hanafin (Zip) 80;
  15. Stennett (Zip) 79;